Dear PRO Fitness family,

After receiving news from Governor Mike Parson this week announcing that Missouri health-clubs could reopen on May 4th, we will be doing just that at 5:00 am this Monday, 05.04.2020!  We would like to thank all of you who have hung in there with us during these uncharted times and are grateful that we have now been given the opportunity to once again fuel your mental, emotional and physical well-being much sooner than later.   Needless to say, we are greatly anticipating the opportunity to serve you again as knowing that this provides a much-needed and positive outlet for many of you, fuels us daily. Exercise is important to our physical and mental health. 

PRO Fitness is a high-traffic area, so it will be critical that we adhere to strict social distancing and sanitation measures. Monitoring and enforcing the measures recommended will be vital to their effectiveness in achieving a safe and healthy environment for members and fit pros.

Our measures are summarized below, they include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring the health of employees and sending home any employee who displays symptoms of COVID-19
  • Encouraging social distancing in all areas of the gym
  • Performing regular cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting measures on all equipment and doing our best to ensure equipment is properly spaced 6 feet apart.

We ask our members:

  •  To practice social distancing 
  • Sanitize equipment before and following use
  • If you visit the gym in what you perceive as a busier time please come a little earlier or a little later if you can - in hopes of making social distancing easier 
  • We would like ask that you bring your own sweat towel as our towel usage for cleaning is top priority 
  • Please use our towels for cleaning equipment before and after use 
  • Little Pros will resume normal hours starting Monday
  • No group classes at this time out of concern of social distancing 

Again, thank you for choosing PRO Fitness as your fitness provider and we look forward to seeing you Monday May 4, 2020!! 

No Group Classes

As of Saturday March 21, 2020 we are suspending all group classes  until further notice.   We continue to encourage you to continue taking personal responsibility for your health by cleaning machines before and after use. We would also recommend that you do all you can to use machines as far apart from others as possible. Social distancing is more important than ever.   Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.


Coronavirus Screening for Everyone Entering PRO Fitness

In light of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommendations for COVID-19, known as coronavirus, PRO Fitness is requiring every person who enters the gym, beyond the front desk, to ask themselves 3 questions. This includes everyone coming into PRO Fitness

3 Questions:

1. Have you had a fever greater than 100.4° Fahrenheit (38°C) within the last 24 hours? 

2. Have you been within 6 feet for at least 30 minutes of a person who has tested positive for 

COVID-19 within the last 14 days? 

3. Have you traveled outside of the U.S. or been on a cruise ship in the last 14 days? 

If the person answers “No” to all questions, they may enter the facility. 

If the person answers “Yes” to any question: 

Please do not enter PRO Fitness and strongly consider the information below

 According to the CDC, if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your doctor’s office, urgent care clinic, or emergency department for medical advice. This will help your health care provider to take steps to keep other people from getting infected if you need to come in.

Important information from PRO Fitness regarding COVID-19

Dear Friends,

As the world in general and our communities in particular wrestle with this crisis we want you to know that our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been affected already.

This crisis makes the role PRO Fitness plays in society more evident than ever. Your hard work with us helps mitigate the terrible effects illness can have on your body. Medical research is clear that people who exercise and lead a healthy way of life are better able to fend off illness than those who don’t.

At PRO Fitness we believe that our role and responsibility is to work in the best interest of our staff, members and communities at large to play a constructive role in helping contain this virus. We will make decisions through this lens and, as new information comes about, we will adapt as necessary based on current science-based information and guided by our Mission and Values.

We are reaching out to provide an update on the actions that PRO Fitness is taking  to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The majority  of our members have asked that we stay open throughout the crisis so that they can continue to lead the active, healthy lifestyle they believe is so important. Navigating this balance is difficult, to say the least.

You have likely noticed our increased cleaning and sanitization efforts over the last week. As you use the gym, we encourage you to continue taking personal responsibility for your health by cleaning machines before and after use. We would also recommend that you do all you can to use machines as far apart from others as possible. Social distancing is more important than ever. Many of us are used to gathering close together when in class situations gain additional motivation from the energy of the group. During this time we would like you to consider giving yourself a little more space than usual.

As you work to avoid getting this virus, please remember that it is recommended you get 7–8 hours of sleep per night. Studies investigating how sleep affects the immune system demonstrate that people who got fewer than six hours of sleep per night had a significant suppression of their immune system and have been shown to be more prone to getting sick with the common cold and influenza viruses.

Exercise is an immune system booster that improves immune defense activity. Research demonstrates a clear relationship showing that moderate exercise training helps mitigate disease risk.

Thank you for being a member of our PRO Fitness community.


Additional Information regarding COVID - 19


We know you have concerns. As always, our priority is protecting the health of our members.

First and foremost, to keep our staff and members safe, if you answer yes to any of the below, please plan to join us at a later time.

  • Have you traveled to a country for which the CDC has issued a Level 2 or 3 travel designation within the last 14 days?
  • Have you had contact with any Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, OR with anyone with known COVID-19?
  • Do you have any symptoms of a respiratory infection (e.g., cough, sore throat, fever, or shortness of breath)?

If you have the slightest doubt or concern as to your current health status, play it safe, stay home, and rest.

Thank you for your cooperation, from all of us at PRO Fitness. We look forward to seeing you in the gym when you are feeling better! 

Regarding transmission of COVID-19:

  • How is the virus spread?
    Transmission facts from the CDC:
    The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.
  • How can I protect myself?
    Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing; going to the bathroom; and before eating or preparing food. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol (as we use at PRO Fitness).

More helpful information:

As always, practice good self-care habits — get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise. Physical activity is a great immune booster!


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